Recover Files from a Crashed/Corrupted Hard Drive

Some of the symptoms of a corrupted/crashed hard drive

You may have come across a case of a corrupted hard drive or maybe not. If a hard drive is crashed or corrupted, you will not be able to use it even though it will still show as a disk. Some of the common signs you’re likely to see if your hard drive is corrupted include:


You will experience an invalid media kind of reading such Abort, fail or retry?

  • The fail system will be displayed as the “RAW”
  • The windows can ask you if you would like to format by first warning you “disk has not been formatted, would you like to format it now?”
  • The files names will have “weird” names or characters
  • You will also experience “sector not found” type of messages.

A corrupted or crashed hard drive mostly has important folders and files, and it is very important to get them back. We first ask ourselves if there is a better method of recovering this hard drive without losing our important data. If you send it to a professional to service it, then be sure of spending some good money to retrieve, recover, save, and extract all you files. You can therefore choose to recover the files yourself by using good data recovery software. The recovery software will be able to recover your deleted, corrupted and formatted hard drive.


Below are the steps you can follow to recover your corrupted or crashed hard disk.

Step 1: Start the Pittsburgh data recovery software, then select on the corrupted hard drive-click on SCAN- this will enable you to search for any existing or lost files.

Step 2: A very quick scan will be launched first. And after it has been finished, a deep scan will then automatically start so as to find some more files.

Step 3: After the scan gas been completed, preview every listed file that has been recovered (only the word documents, emails, texts and photos are supported) and then select those you want to recover. After that, click on the RECOVER button so as to retrieve all your lost files back from the corrupted hard drive. It is important for you here to save all your recovered files on different device or drive in case the data recovery fails.

If you follow the above simple steps, then you will likely be able to recover you important data. It will also save you on the expenses that you would have incurred if you had taken it to a specialist shop.


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Online Distributed Database Transaction And Recovery Techniques

Online Distributed Database Transaction And Recovery Techniques

When it comes to online, database failure can be disturbing. Losing valuable data can be depressing because sometimes data is lost accidentally when we least expect this to happen. But data loss prevention is one of the most vital issues involved in managing database systems. Data can be lost due to viruses, hardware failures, incorrect use of delete and update statements, and disasters, such as fire or flood, software bugs.

Implementing a recovery strategy for your databases can help avoid data loss. Here are some of the restoration techniques

Transaction undo or rollback

This method can be applied to do away with the undesirable effects of faulty transactions. Erroneous transactions include all operations that have altered the database into unwanted state and the operations that have used values written by the defective transactions. Therefore, transaction undo applies in situations where soft failures can result in the discrepancy of the database. Transaction redo is implemented to recuperate to a steady transaction state.


This is when recording is done on the folder from the hardware shared data area. Checkpointing eliminates the redoing of transactions performed earlier. Periodical checkpointing reduces the recuperation procedure. There are two kinds of checkpointing:

Fuzzy: This is where all active transactions are recorded in the log at the time of checkpoint. Therefore, in the case of a power blackout or power failure, only those transactions that were active during checkpoint and later are processed. All other transactions, done before the checkpoint, are written to the disk, and there is no need for redoing.

Consistent: This checkpointing method generates a dependable representation of the database at the checkpoint. In the event of recovery, right side operations are the only ones undone and redone.

Database backup and Transaction log

This technique is useful in case of a hard crash or disk malfunction that may lead to overall loss of the database. A new drive is set so as to help recuperate from this disk fault and reinstate the operating system. And this is where the transaction log and database backing come in to complete the database recovery process.

The method includes:

l Redoing and writing of activity in the before-commit list and the commit list into the commit list in the operation log.

l Undoing and writing the transactions on the failed list and busy list into the terminate list in the operation record.

Bottom line

If you are concerned about your database and the transactions, backups can be vital in the event of any data loss.



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Know about the computer repair service to improve the performance of your computer

Computer Repair

When it comes to computer repair service, there are many factors to be considered in which that can scale from a certified service. However, you may find different service providers out to select from, a sense that it is important for you to get the valid professional who may be able to complete your requirements. With this said, when it comes to computer repair, here are many important factors that you need to know about the best computer repair services. If you are looking for the computer repair service, then you need to find the affiliated service provider. If you are in need of computer repair service, then it is recommended to search for the best service provider through online. You can do a research over the internet to get the best professional service provider and if you have a couple of choices, then you can compare each other and find the one best among the all. Only the professional service provider can repair all the problems in your computer.

Computer Repair

Here are the types of the computer repair service

You may find a numerous repair service and hence, it is important to choose the best provider who can easily provide a solution for your requirements. It is important for anyone to be aware of the computer repair service and here is some of the computer repair service that is commonly offered by the service provider.

  • Removing virus from your system- The provider will remove the virus from your system without affecting the information or data in your system. You can also find this service on the internet, but only a complete service can bring your computer to a safety state.
  • Hardware repair- The service that includes all the physical damages of your system which includes paint jobs, dents, or other physical issues.
  • Data recovery- The main part of the service is data recovery and it is a used to recover deleted data in your system. Using this service, you can recover any data that are mistakenly deleted or find the lost data.
  • Accessories repair- Of course, the computer contains many accessories that include printers, scanners, and more. The accessories may need a repair due to some damages and this can be done by a professional repair service provider.
  • Networking errors- This is one among the type of service that will improve the speed of your computer.
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Digital Forensics

Forensic science deals with the help of science to explain various types of questions that are interesting and they are popularized by real television programs such as American Justice, The New Detective and Forensic Files. Some other famous TV shows focus on crime detection which includes Law and Order, CSI and Cold Case. The interesting theme can found in some TV series for example The Mentalists, Silent Witness, Walking the Dead. These all important fields can be understood by learning the definition of the forensic science.

Digital Forensics

The meaning of Forensic science

First of all we want to know what Forensic science is. It is defined as the group of science is the benefits of wide range of science in order to solve the questions which are relevant to the legal systems. Its results are commonly used in the relation to solving crimes or in civil actions. It is divided in several subdivisions, one of which is the programmable forensic, which compacts with the development of algorithms and software for use in the forensic examinations. The another most important subdivision is the digital forensic, it makes use of the scientific methods and techniques in order to cover the data from electronic or digital media.

Some other interesting details of Forensic science

In olden days, the world had some insufficient forensic practices, in which it actually avoids the punishment for criminals. Forced confession and witness testimony were used to decide criminal investigations and trials. Medicine and entomology are used first to solve the criminal cases some time in 1248.

In the modern world, medical practitioners are started to congregate the details in the manner as well as the cause of death of people in the sixteenth century. Some surgeon from French army does the study on the effect of the violent death due to the internal organs. After to this some Italian surgeon studied about the changes in the body structure. These types of initial effort may lead to the foundation of the modern pathology. Forensic is the wide field of science which can be divided further into some other subdivisions. Some of the doubtful methods are comparative bullet lead analysis and Forensic dentistry.

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